Each one of us is travelling very unique timeline through the spiral of time.

Even though it may look same outside, but, it is never the same for any two people.

When we look at anyone from physical perspective, just this life time, what they are saying or sharing in the moment- We are choosing to view the outside reality from very narrow and limited perspective.

As a consciousness, travelling multiple timelines with past, present and future merging together - there is lot happening within the field of each person.

And, 4D bridge is accentuating all this as we are able to perceive more than ever.

This has also opened up the pool of US vs Them grid to get purged out what is not serving to individuals and collective.

There are more opinions about everything now.

This also creates the potential to create conflicts and distractions in the field giving birth to chaos.

There is a lot happening right now in energetic plane and many are meeting their karmic cycles to collapse old timelines.

And, it may continue for few more weeks. I choose to see it as preparation for 21st dec as we enter into new timeline.

The best way to navigate right now is - by feeling the energy.

Discernment is the key to make sure we are tuned to our timeline and not getting influenced or entangled to others timeline.

Everyone is within their own soup of consciousness beyond this lifetime riding the wave of their own evolution and ascension.

Some are purging outside and some prefer to work inwardly. There is no right or wrong.

Check in with your higher self, before you tune to any information, any person, any place whether it is in alignment to or not.

If not, choose to withdraw and move forward without looking back.

Connect to your column of Ascension and stay within your Soul Frequency.

Here is Column of Ascension activation to support you in your journey.

With love,