Unconditional love is the fibre of higher realm of Gaia.

When we tune to parallel realities/future timelines from place of “WANTING”, we are tuning from 3D consciousness to Quantum field.

And, because every possible reality exits, often people tap into another version of 3D which may seems to have the results but lack higher state of consciousness.

Also, these realities are based upon “Doing” and you will see lot of new action list coming out of it......just another hologram created based upon collective consciousness.

The first check pt of tuning to higher realms is - Am I at peace with this desire? Love and acceptance is the key.

Even if it is not available in physical.....everything exists within our field.

So, if we are living with any unconscious patterns of lack, or insecurity- we will feel greed, impatience or frustration of not having it.

“Am I truly ok of not having it?” Feel that in body not at mind level.

If not, it simply means that we have alchemy work to do to let go of the attachment, meanings or significance given to this desire.

As we transmute that, we anchor higher vibration of love within and from that place desire arise in heart space and it is manifested from the quantum field without any efforts just by being in frequency alignment.

Heart field automatically pulls everything from the field to manifest this reality in physical.

And, you will be surprised to actually receive it without Doing anything.

It is the place of Being that simply integrate the consciousness of new reality for frequency alignment from our own higher existence.

This is the power of heart consciousness.

Gateway to higher realms of Gaia that are anchored in Love, Freedom, Abundance and Service to all.

And, pathway to ease, flow and effortless receiving.

Receive gracefully,